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Degress – Mitraljezus

degress – mitraljezus


Even though I’m Slovenian, I despise most of the music made in Slovenia. We had several good rock and punk band in the seventies and eighties, but after that most music made in the region of former Yugoslavia got stuck. I’ll admit occasionally listening to Old School Death Metal made today can be quite soothing (if you can call it that way), but most of the more aggressive music made in my homeland today is plain boring. Endless copies of riffs, fills and solos picked from currently ‘famous’ bands mixed with the idea that these bands are creating something completelly new. A quest of being seen (and heard) as something ‘special’ is usually more important than actually making something ‘special’.

But, there’s hope. One of the few Slovenian bands worth of actually mentioning, Degress, just dropped their debut full lenght ‘Mitraljezus’ (Machine Gun Jesus) and it is just what the title suggest it might be. Even though a mixture of Black Metal and Thrash can not be considered groundbreaking these days, this is a wild ride comprised of galloping drums and guitars bordering with Speed Metal, both overriden by an interesting combination of Black Metal shrieks and Death Metal growls.

All in all, considering the stale feeling of Slovenian Black and Death Metal, this is an absolute masterpiece. It could not be considered as such to the audience around the world as extreme metal has progressed a lot in the last couple of decades, but trust me, this guys mean business when it comes to playing. They know their craft and know exactly how to use their instruments and vocal chords to run alongside the best ones in the genre. This band is on the right way. What else could you expect from a band whose second song on the debut album is titled ‘Jebemuboga’ (this is an all-Yugoslavian expression vaguely translated as ‘Fuck God’)?


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