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Riutuja – Kuolonkerjuu

riutuja – kuolonkerjuu


Full of melody and harmony, ‘Kuolonkerjuu’ is the debut album for Riutuja. Sorrowful Black Metal with Varg-like vocal outcries, intensely varying drums and dominant layers of guitar melodies, even within a realm of music that has been extensively explored the band has managed to find a sound that makes them feel unique and refreshing. One such example is opener ‘Valon Katve’, a song that has plenty of uptempo Black Metal but excels in the Heavy Metal melodies combined with clean strumming. The undertone of the riffs combined with the fiercely shrieking vocals transmit a sense of melancholy and yearning, indeed fitting with an album title that translates to something like ‘Begging for Death’. Somewhat different is ‘Sielun Vamma’, a song that’s more upbeat, intensely working through swinging drums patterns and an almost Punky, Impaled Nazarene like vibe. In the way the melodies lead the song, the best comparison here would be that with countrymen Sielunvihollinen, but Ruituja mostly manages to have a distinguishable sound. Even when the band opens ‘Tuonelan Taival’ with a riff that sounds the most like other Finnish Black Metal bands, a clean uptempo break manages to set them apart from the many Satanic Warmaster, Horna and Sargeist inspired acts. In ‘Horros’ the band’s sense for sorrow is further explored, leading to a delicate acoustic piece with violins or cello, while ‘Sadonkorjuu’ is a rather epic song that finishes in ferociously blasting fashion. Plenty of diversity to be fined, held together by excellent songwriting that makes the record sound refreshing and very entertaining.

Black Metal with creative drums that alternate from Punky beats to blasting and creative fills, harmonious guitars, a layer of acoustics and intense Burzum-esque shrieks, ‘Kuolonkerjuu’ is a very entertaining album. Ferocious in pace and very melodic, this is not your typical Finnish Black Metal debut by any means, unique but most of all of outstanding quality!


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