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Blood Loss – The Order Of Malevolence [Demo]

blood loss – the order of malevolence [demo]


Not too long ago I was poring over the ‘Visions Of A Darker World’-demo, which came out early this January, and now for the second time this year I have the honour to say a few words to this young American Death Metal band.

The previous work was a good example of American-styled Death Metal, and while it was an entertaining listen and a lot of potential already showed through, it was still largely a demo that showed a band in development. Now, only a few months later, I am completely shocked. What happened in less than a year is something that some bands don’t even achieve in their entire musical career. This demo is seriously of another level. I even would like to go as far as stating that many bands in the current Death Metal scene are not even able to pull off what these youngsters just did.

First thing that strikes is the authentic sound, it really is Morrisound all over the place. A rather dry production, but with enough depth to give the drums that powerful punch and the guitar that gritty context. Vocalist Gavin Wessel (only aged 17!) pulls off such a great vocal delivery, that you’d really think it is 1992 all over again. Musical influences are clearly taken from Obituary (that slow opening riff simply breathes ‘Slowly We Rot’ and ‘Cause Of Death’), the first Malevolent Creation album and early Corpsegrinder-era Cannibal Corpse. It is not only a collection of impressively effective riffs, but they know how to pull off a great song, being catchy and technical at the very same time. All those musical elements blend together perfectly with the authentic sound, making it an exceptional experience.

Without a doubt, ‘The Order Of Malevolence’ is the Best Death Metal demo of the year, hands down.


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