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Engrave – Harvest of Death [Demo]

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What does one do, if you’re dealing with Black Metal all the time but also would like to use the HM-2 pedal which is collecting dust in the closet? You start an Old School Swedish Death Metal project! Ishtar of Dødsfall and Sorrowful started his own OSSDM solo project and adopts the pseudonym Engraver in late 2014. It seems Engraver has a lot of inspiration while listening to albums of Nihilist, Carnage, Dismember, God Macabre and Nirvana 2002, because the 2 tracks on this demo were written quickly. The tracks, “Self Buried” and “Tombless Epitaph”, are below 3 minutes and are mostly up-tempo with an occasionally groovy mid-tempo part. The vocals are revealing the ties with Black Metal of Engraver, as the vocals are raspier than an expected growl. Imagine Marduk’s “Dark Endless” or Bloodstone’s “Hour of the Gate” to name a few albums which such approach. After realizing this demo, Engraver recruited a several other musicians to transform Engrave into a band and started to write on new material. The advanced track seems to be promising and the vocals have shifted towards the growl-type. Sure, for some of you this will be just another new Buzzsaw act but for me this still highly enjoyable. (Ricardo)