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Black Flux – Hymns Of Cold Halls [EP]

black flux – hymns of cold halls [ep]


The ‘Hymns of Cold Halls’ mini-album is the fruit of Stavropol-Petersburg cooperation: the music was recorded in Stavropol, while vocal parts – in St. Petersburg. Well, these cities are quite far apart: Stavropol is located in the south of Russia on the northern slope of the Greater Caucasus, in its turn St. Petersburg is in the north-west of the country on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. However, despite the collaboration status, ‘Hymns of Cold Halls’ is more an example of Stavropol Black Metal than some exclusive or stand-alone project. This conclusion arises because it is not exactly melodiousness, it is more like musicalness in the first place here, which is peculiar to other Stavropol Nekrodivizion projects (Baal Zebuth, Lashblood, Misanthropic Art and others).

Black Flux’s musicalness is not obscured by anything, even by the blasting rampage that dominates the tempos used. While moderate dissonance gives a special preciosity to this strange mixture of melodic lines and aggressive attacks. Needless to say, the riffs fit together harmoniously, it’s nice to listen to this kind of music. And although the songs structure is based on long repetitions of riffs, this gives a special atmosphere throughout the mini-album. The almost melancholic, slightly wailful vocals fit perfectly into this kind of Black Metal. It should be noted that Winterheart of Ulvdalir, Likferd, The Initiation and other band from St. Petersburg sings here in a manner unusual for him.

Black Flux can be said to ignore old school Black Metal, giving a clear preference to modern Black Metal innovations, sometimes (in bridges and inserts) mixing them with Avant-garde and Experimental Black Metal elements. What’s interesting, this “modernity” is of a different nature: basically it is a sophisticated riffage style, based on the canonical ‘Satanic Art’ by Dødheimsgard, this is heard from the very first song ‘Cold Halls of Witchcraft’, while the second piece ‘Sacrophagia’ is already a kind of tremolo picked atmospherity maybe in the vein of Mgła (what desperation and hopelessness comes through in this abrupt shift to a higher note of tremolo picking!), and a little later – some Abigor-esque experimentalism.

‘Sacrophagia’ should be called the best piece on this short release. ‘March of Pain’ is less elegant, but it impresses first with the sophisticated interlacing of lead melodies, then with a delightful succession of lead parts supported by a full blast beat battering. And before the impressive finale, the lead reigns on the verge of Atmospheric Black Metal epicness and Post Black Metal emotionality. ‘Subconscious Decadence’ is notable for its avant-garde slow episode with otherworldly vibe, which turns into a final tremolo-picked passage.

Summary. ‘Hymns of Cold Halls’ is a really underrated release. Perhaps due to its production: the obvious overcompression results in a feeling of “raggedness” of some riffs, in turn drums sound like a drum machine sometimes. Anyway, if you’re interested in talented and stand-out underground Black Metal bands, don’t miss this release.

Black Flux

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