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Godhole – It Never Ends [EP]

godhole – it never ends [ep]


Every once in a while a song or just a snippet of it will come along and catch your interest. You think to yourself that might be the thing you needed. Even if it doesn’t sound like something you’d delve into. And then you wait and you wait… and nothing happens. No album, no news of the band etc. And you give up the idea. And then, out of the blue that same thing you’ve been waiting for so long smacks you in the face one morning. And you realize it’s even better than you have hoped it would be.

Godhole is one of these bands / projects. I came across ‘Punish the Roughnecks’ in the beginning of May 2022, when the video was released with the news that the EP, which was first intended to be released as a split with another band, but since that was set aside for a while, the band decided to release it as an EP. Fast forward to one mid-August morning, as I said earlier it finally appeared as a concrete blast into my face. Now, let’s face it, grind can get a bit repetitive quickly and to some extent it’s supposed to sound primitive and even mindless. That’s exactly what’s not happening here.

Never judge a record by just one song you have heard from the band / artist, things are a bit more complicated here. While this is mainly a Powerviolence record, it also incorporates a distinctive sludge sound, mixing in a spectrum of grind related influences (most notably cybergrind) going into bestial Black Metal and sprinkled with something that almost sounds like Darkwave.

It’s difficult to describe everything that happens in just over 6 and a half minutes of this release, but it’s deffinitelly something any fan of extreme music should give a chance to and they could find something to their interest. While maintaining the brutality and aggression, the EP also sounds intelligent and incredibly well thought of. While bashing your brains in. Go figure. Or even better, go and listen (if that doesn’t get you interested, all Bandcamp donations the band receives for any of their releases, go to Scottish Associations of Mental health. Everyone of us knows someone with mental health issues, so you know the drill). (Black Mary)


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