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Dawn of Obliteration – Ruins [Demo]

dawn of obliteration – ruins [demo]

Although the self-titled EP, a lovely 7”, 187 copies and released in 2013, went under my radar it’s clear what the purpose is of Dawn of Obliteration from Germany…creating some fine Old School Death Metal.

And yes, fine it is if you are enjoying the mid-tempo and occasional up-tempo groove and approach of Bolt Thrower, Benediction and God Dethroned’s “The Christhunt” as well as Hypocrisy’s “Penetralia”. While listening to opening track “Crown of All”, it is just Bolt Thrower all over the place while “Ruins of My Memories” and “Drown of Silence” it has the slight God Dethroned and Hypocrisy approach in the riffs and song structures as well.

Still, if you give this demo a listen you will agree it is the Bolt Thrower warmachine that is the main influence over here. And you will agree that is not a bad thing. (Ricardo)