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Garroted – Of Damnation and Abyssal Terrors [EP]

garroted – of damnation and abyssal terrors [ep]

Garroted from the US are new to me. They were formed in 2016 and released a demo prior to this EP. First thought that came to mind was „can you smell the Carcass?“. There are Carcass-like riff progressions, the tuning and the structures. But they are not a clone at all as Garroted are more progressive and there are some Morbid Angelness in the slower sections  present as well. Great melodic guitar solos in the veins of…yeah..Carcass are extremely well done. The entire production is well balanced in the mix and a bit dry but it works in their favor with the technical approach of the band as you can hear every detail of the great work of each instrument. The vocals as well the mixture of styles reminds me a bit of the German band  Goath. It is more technical and complex  and that is one of the standout points, besides still being catchy. Fans of Stargazer should try this as well. Great EP, and hopefully just the start to a great death metal career. Well done guys! (DPF)