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Kalmo – Demoni [EP]

kalmo – demoni [ep]


My oh my oh my but this is a truly terrible release. A bedroom one man Doom project from Finland, the “Demoni” EP is so hell bent on trying to sound evil it ends up completely missing the mark, and the digipacks this has been put out on is a complete waste of time and materials. Think of the environment!! It isn’t often I can say that I truly hate a release but this one really tests my patience. Firstly, the vocals are dire. Clearly the intent was to channel Reverend Bizarre for the vocal work but this is way off. In the end they sound exactly what they are, weak, half-arsed and very lame. Doom is often at its very best when played slow, yet even this Kalmo manages to misjudge, the effects being slugging.

As the pace increases in places so the quality does also, but not by much. This is a very basic doom release that tries to be meandering with various guitar solos but the end result is that they sound out of tune. The drumming, basic! Nothing more to say. After two songs you’ll want to rip out the throat of the man singing, and any more solos and you’ll have the pliers out ready for his fingers too. Avoid at all costs… This is the reason why bands or one man projects should have to pass a talent test in order to get a license to record music. “Demoni” is an EP that the world doesn’t need. (Heathen of the Horde)


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