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Nil Miserans – Nil Miserans

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The one’s death is hard to accept, but when new life (or in this case a new band)flourishes because of that, it all makes sense sometimes. Five guys have chosen to form a new band called Nil Miserans out of the ashes of a previous band with the name Omerta. Okay, not all members devoted their skills in that aforementioned band, but that’s somewhat part of this new bands history. Atmospheric death metal with a huge black metal influence is what these Belgian guys provide the listeners. A mixture between great parts of Behemoth, the technical skills from SepticFlesh and the needed epic elements and old school Norwegian death/black metal feeling makes this a great debut album. And there’s even more, they immediately took a big risk by creating a concept album about two half-brothers in ancient Greek that fight over a woman, because both brothers lost their hearts to her. Won’t spoil everything, but Hades also plays an important role in this story. This concept album has been built up very great, and after listening the entire album, it all fits together in place! Also the mastering and mix process is executed in a great way, cause all instruments are audible and blow out of your speakers with the needed craftsmanship. Thumbs up for the great instrumental performances and the great vocals that complete this debut album and make the story come alive! Nice job! (Fredde)