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Fleshfed – Skulldust [Demo]

fleshfed – skulldust [demo]


Once again I have found myself wide awake when I should be in bed sleeping, browsing aimlessly around Bandcamp when I should be off in dream land, checking out way too many Death Metal bands when I absolutely should be cuddling my amazing partner. Yet my, sadly, consistent inability to get proper sleep only feeds into my addiction of playing on my phone and finding even more music to feed the ever hungry hole in my person. Tonight I was thankfully satiated by this band that I had happened to find in the New Arrivals section, Fleshfed.

The band Fleshfed here are a five piece independent Death Metal band hailing from Victorville, California in the United States. Having started out their life in 2019 as the band Cicada Swarm and got to writing and producing a couple of things. Those things were a demo and a EP, but after that they picked up a second guitarist in 2022 and changed their name to what it is the current incarnation. Now this year, in 2023, we are graced with their fantastic demo ‘Skulldust’ for all of us to enjoy. So let get on to it.

This really damn good demo, ‘Skulldust’, happens to be three tracks containing just barely over ten minutes worth of the Brutal Caveman Death Metal that is held within. Which just so happens to be Fleshfed’s own version of what to they feel Death Metal is, a version that I, in my humble hobbiest reviewer opinion, happen to think sounds a lot like a mix of Disgorge and Immolation with just a little bit of ‘Shadows And Dust’ era Kataklysm thrown in here and there, if you can even imagine what that may sound like. I know I can because Fleshfed’s ‘Skulldust’ is just that.

And for this to be an independent Bandcamp release the sound of this demo is of the upmost quality. Especially considering the specific area of Death Metal of which Fleshfed resides. While having the proper atmosphere and feel for the Brutal Caveman parts of themselves, the clarity that each instrument has really allowed for every member of this band to truly be heard and shine. Seriously, the days of extremely rough, four track recorded has been over for a while so a demo sounding good isn’t much of a stretch anymore but with ‘Skulldust’ here we find a level of professionalism to the sound usually unseen from many of the “high level” acts.

So, yeah, once again my borderline insomnia has led me down the rabbit hole to another really good release that I just had to write about and and inform you all of. For ‘Skulldust’ is a really fucking damn good demo, hell, a really fucking damn good anything, no matter what type of release it may be called in the end. And on top of it all this demo is a available for whatever you want to pay on Bandcamp. So let us show the support I know we all are capable of and really blow these damn guys up. It fucking slaps.


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