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Sigils Of Ruin – Demo I [Demo]

sigils of ruin – demo i [demo]


This four-piece Death Metal band from Indonesia offers their first demo tape, aptly titled ‘Demo I’ at the very start of February of this year. Yet, while the band is new, most of the musicians are not new to the world of extreme metal. Three out of four of them are (or were) in several other bands, of which the Debemur Morti recording artist Pure Wrath might be the best known. That experience definitely shows through with these first two untitled tracks.

The predominantly slow to mid-tempo tracks places the band in a more Old School kind of Death Metal territory, which even boarders the Death/Doom Metal genre as well. The violently fast bursts of blasting frenzy does, however, keep them removed from the somewhat tedious and pretentious Asphyx-like “Doom”/Death Metal that seems to overcrowd the scene these days. Especially the second track is a little faster in nature, but the overall Coffins-like vibe is still felt throughout both of the songs. These two gentlemen and two ladies are clearly focussing on the heaviness of things, dragging you along with their riff-heavy Death Metal through the darkest and most rancid Jakarta sewers and caves. The female vocals are by no means a distraction on the heavy music, although she does appear quite small on the band pictures, her vocals are anything but tiny. Her brutal vocal delivery is impressive and she is by no means inferior to her male colleague vocalists. All in all, if you are into bands like Incantation, Coffins, Funebrarum, Dead Congregation, Krypts, Interment or Tomb Mold, you can definitely consider trying to lend this great bands an ear (or two).

It is no surprise that the 50 copies of the demo tape were sold out quickly, it will therefore be only a matter of time before a good label will pick these guys up for a release. Hopefully they will still be able to present a follow-up EP to this great demo this year.

Sigils Of Ruin

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