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Strigoic Curse – A Feeble Vitriolic Presence

strigoic curse – a feeble vitriolic presence


The phenomenon of “Strigoi” is not quit new to appear in the metal scene, it has been used by quite a few bands, but it is still something that keeps on attracting people to it. In short, strigoi, in Romanian mythology, are tortured souls that return from the grave in the guise of an animal feeding on the blood of their victims. It is a myth that is ancient and goes way back and has inspired many, including Bram Stoker for his creation of Dracula. Count Nezznar, the inspirer of Strigoic Curse, comes from Romania himself and apparently feels this ghoulish mythology running through his veins like no other. With his native heritage and folklore as his backdrop he keeps a steady pace in recording music, ‘A Feeble Vitriolic Presence’ is his fifth release and second full-length album in just two years…

This short, 22-minute album takes you along the chillingly cold paths of Black Metal where the shrill and bare guitar sound and programmed drums are the main tools Count Nezznar uses to scrape his music together. Not exactly original and not even very well executed, but it sounds particularly authentic due to the raw and minimalist production. It takes you straight back to the countless bands that, in the late 90’s and early 00’s, filled the distro lists with their demo tapes. The only thing that can be knocked off about ‘A Feeble Vitriolic Presence’ is a lack of cohesion, the seven songs all seem to have been recorded in different sessions and especially in different set-ups, because of this the guitar sound varies from song to song, for instance, but also the music itself doesn’t all seem to have been written with the same thematic objective. For that reason, perhaps this would have been better brought into the world as a demo (tape, preferably), but really those are mostly details, the entertainment value in this case lies mainly in the charming and authentic, rattling sound.

Strigoic Curse

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