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Purity Through Fire unleashes Granitader's debut album: "...their continually cresting surge recalls pagan touchstones like Windir, Falkenbach, or Germany's Horn closer to home, as well as Drudkh's more cinematic moments"

February 22, 2024

Purity Through Fire is proud to present Granitader’s highly anticipated debut album, ‘Der Wald zwischen den Welten’, on digipack CD format.

One of the most fully formed Black Metal entities of recent times, Granitader burst into brilliance with their debut full-length, ‘Der Wald zwischen den Welten’. After but an EP last year, the German quintet’s first full-length displays a masterful grasp of songwriting and dynamics as well as confidence and charisma to spare.

Granitader are old souls who exude the effervescence of the new; their continually cresting surge recalls pagan touchstones like Windir, Falkenbach, or Germany’s Horn closer to home, as well as Drudkh’s more cinematic moments.

However, the wind beneath the wings of ‘Der Wald zwischen den Welten’ is the album’s overarching theme: a homage to their – as well as Purity Through Fire’s – home area of Erzgebirge, the Ore Mountains that are an UNESCO world heritage site, as well as older German history. Truly, it all comes together as one breathtaking blast of classically austere German Black Metal, but poignantly brimming with a heroic, almost-positive aspect that’s simply impossible to deny. The spiraling lead-work is categorically sublime, and helps elevate Granitader to the top of today’s Pagan Black Metal pack.

Completing this complete package is the professional & powerful production, encasing their bravado in a sheen wholly befitting of its majesty. Let Granitader guide you through ‘Der Wald zwischen den Welten’!

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Coffin Curse and Memento Mori team up for new offering: "For those who worship such vital follow-ups as 'Legion', 'Retribution', and 'Blessed are the Sick', Coffin Curse's 'The Continuous Nothing' is for you!"

February 21, 2024

In their endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage Death Metal, on April 22nd internationally, Memento Mori is proud to present Coffin Curse’s highly anticipated second album, ‘The Continuous Nothing’, on CD format.

Although Chile’s Coffin Curse came into being in 2012 as a side-project of Inanna’s Max Neira, it didn’t take long for the band to assert their own identity. A demo was released that same year, to be followed by a handful of EPs and splits, all before culminating in Coffin Curse’s debut album for Memento Mori, ‘Ceased to Be’. A fresh breath of old air, ‘Ceased to Be’ was as exemplary of 1990 Death Metal than it was 2020 “Death Metal.” In their “regressive” / elevated state of mind, Death Metal back then possessed charisma and songwriting, chops and more than a bit of madness. Maybe class, too? Compared to so much riff-salad wank that’s followed, Coffin Curse were indeed classy.

Now, four years later, Coffin Curse are back to reassert that classiness with ‘The Continuous Nothing’. Thankfully, LP#2 is a logical continuation of that not-inconsiderable debut: timeless, taut, and terrorizing, actual songwriting is pushed to the fore with ceaselessly catchy riffing and an abundance of haunting-the-chapel leads. Also thankfully, Coffin Curse are unafraid of displaying their influences here – Morbid Angel, Deicide, and Immolation during their turn-of-the-’90s heydays, as well as the viciousness of founding fathers Possessed, Massacre, and Chile’s Pentagram – but once again, the duo’s charisma pushes ‘The Continuous Nothing’ into the realm of inspired rather than “inspired by,” as each of the album’s nine songs surges & slices with maximum memorability and quite-literally-dangerous execution. But, through it all, ‘The Continuous Nothing’ engages because of its classic / classy songwriting and none-more-powerful production, where each instrument is organic and almost-overwhelming in its true-to-life physicality. No popcorn or punch-ins here!

Once again, Daniel Hermosilla (Nox Fragor Art) provides the dark-psychedelic icing on the cake with his cover artwork. For those who worship such vital follow-ups as ‘Legion’, ‘Retribution’, and ‘Blessed are the Sick’, Coffin Curse’s ‘The Continuous Nothing’ is for you!

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Iron Bonehead Productions and Heresiarch team up for second album: "...Heresiarch sound as martial as ever, but the lava now flows in palatably unique ways, all without compromising their core aesthetic."

February 20, 2024

Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present Heresiarch’s highly anticipated second album, ‘Edifice’, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

For over 15 years now, New Zealand’s Heresiarch have patiently crafted a body of work that has come to transcend their early influences. Though lineups have shifted during that time, led by founding vocalist N.H. and enhanced by guitarist C.S. in 2013, Heresiarch have wisely taken their time with recordings and prized quality over quantity. The band’s debut album, ‘Death Ordinance’, arrived in 2017 after a trio of savage short-lengths. A new rhythm section took root following that album’s release, and a couple splits in the ensuing years honed their doomed ‘n’ barbaric sound into something more molten and ominous.

And now arrives that megaton payload of devastation, Heresiarch’s second album, elegantly titled ‘Edifice’. If there were any doubts that the band were but yet another toneless ‘n’ tired “War Metal” troupe, the New Zealanders trounce any and all trepidation with exceptionally seismic songwriting.

Here on ‘Edifice’, the parameters of Heresiarch’s sound – Death metal Muscle, Black Metal atmosphere, Grindcore aggression – are all in devastating harmony, creating a hydra-headed beast that betrays a wealth of true-yet-twisted ideas.

More than just safely evading easy categorization (which is often mere doublespeak for “pleasing all constituents”), the quartet lay bare a landscape of texture titanic in its heft and foreboding in its effect, seamlessly winding through minefields both sonic and psychic and eventually culminating in a grandiose two-part finale in the equally compellingly titled ‘Hubris and Decline’ and ‘Militate Pyrric Collapse’.

For sure, Heresiarch sound as martial as ever, but the lava now flows in palatably unique ways, all without compromising their core aesthetic. Indeed, one could say they’ve finally found order through chaos.

The possibilities of life’s destruction are endless for those who wander before Heresiarch’s ‘Edifice’.

More info: Heresiarch; Iron Bonehead Productions;

Purity Through Fire and Worship Tapes to release debut album Ad Mortem: "...the gleaming chrome one witnesses on 'In Honorem Mortis' is but the blade of their sword about to deliver its fatal blow"

February 20, 2024

Purity Through Fire is proud to present Ad Mortem’s highly anticipated debut album, ‘In Honorem Mortis’, on CD, A5 digipack and vinyl LP. Worship Tapes will take care of the cassette.

If there’s one certainty in these uncertain times, it’s that Purity Through Fire will continue to raise the banner of nowadays German Black Metal: proud and pure in its expression, honoring the past whilst not being shackled to it, and evincing a professionalism that doesn’t sacrifice true underground spirit. Their latest executioners are Ad Mortem, who’ll be familiar to those who caught their Purity Through Fire-released split with standard-bearers Mavorim in that very uncertain year of 2020. While their split-mates are true titans of today’s Teutonic Black Metal scene, Ad Mortem proved to be a poignant counterpart, evincing an undeniable physicality that remained hook-heavy and hummable.

Now they’ve returned to fulfill their still-substantial potential with the debut album ‘In Honorem Mortis’. Here, Ad Mortem dispense with any subtlety and go for the throat quickly and calculatingly. While the eight hymns comprising their debut album hover around the five-minute mark, everything on ‘In Honorem Mortis’ sounds irrepressibly urgent. Mind you, the quartet’s songwriting isn’t categorically “all speed, all the time” – their shifting of gears, from strength & honor gallop to pistons-pumping blast, is as fluid as it comes – but their execution of such puts Ad Mortem in rarefied territory: seamlessly flowing, even swinging, making their martial thrust all the more mesmerizing. Of course, the German tongue makes their Black Metal bite harder, and wrapped in polished-yet-powerful production, the gleaming chrome one witnesses on ‘In Honorem Mortis’ is but the blade of their sword about to deliver its fatal blow. Bow before Ad Mortem and feel their sweet release!

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Crucifier to unleash new album via Iron Bonehead Productions: "'Led Astray' is a masterclass in memorable, metal riffing and twisted rhythmic thrust."

February 13, 2024

Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present the highly anticipated third album of America’s Crucifier, ‘Led Astray’, on CD and vinyl LP formats on the 12th of April 2024.

One of the longest-running entities in the American underground, Crucifier was formed in 1990 by vocalist/drummer Cazz Grant. While myriad lineups would come and go – and the band’s eventual debut album, ‘Stronger Than Passing Time’, wouldn’t be released until 2003 – Crucifier have kept consistent to their blasphemous, Blackened Death Metal style steeped in the truly ancient and most underground ways.

Now, two years after their weird & wild Say Your Prayers mini-album, Crucifier align with Iron Bonehead once again for the release of their third full-length, ‘Led Astray’. Taking the wandering yet fully locked-in songwriting of that mini to its ultimate conclusion, ‘Led Astray’ is a masterclass in memorable, metal riffing and twisted rhythmic thrust.

As is their signature, Crucifier sound positively primal here but never primitive; while these nine screeds of blasphemy might confuse or insult normcore listeners, there’s an extremely considered & calculated delirium behind their blackened devilry. As such, the “tight looseness” that’s characterized Crucifier’s work to date gets sharpened to an enviable degree as these nine labyrinths surge and storm with a paradoxical / perverse sense of class.

Credit the latter largely to the jaw-dropping dual lead-work across ‘Led Astray’: an element that’s been bubbling in the Crucifier cauldron for years, but which really reaches a superlative level here. Of course, Grant’s vocals are as diabolic as ever, seemingly coming from every direction and hackle-raising in their articulation.

Crucifier hereby have delivered a modern classic of Blackened Death metal in ‘Led Astray’!

More info: Crucifier; Iron Bonehead Productions;

Crawl announced new album to be released via Transcending Obscurity Records: "Leaving no stone unturned, Crawl have come up with an album that should serve as an epitome of crust-ridden Swedish Death Metal in these times."

February 8, 2024

After whetting everyone’s appetites with their exciting split release with label mates Feral, Swedish Death/Crust titans Crawl finally unleash their highly awaited new full length, ‘Altar of Disgust’, after a gap of six years.

They’ve not mellowed their sound as most bands would. Instead, they’ve rendered their sound even more devastating while making it more nuanced, perfecting their enviable balance of abrasive riffing and explosive breakdowns.

Crawl keep mixing things around to keep things interesting and with bodies piling on top of one another, and what’s more, with the album progressing, they begin to reveal Black Metal influences ensconced in their sound. It’s good enough to have a Swedish Death Metal band showing how it’s to be done and savagely sawing everyone’s heads off with their rusted, jagged, crust-laden riffs, but for them to insidiously change the shades to black in the midst of all the mayhem is pure genius. They shape-shift as if to only deliver a final, decisive, finishing move through the speakers.

Leaving no stone unturned, Crawl have come up with an album that should serve as an epitome of crust-ridden Swedish Death Metal in these times.

More info: Crawl; Transcending Obscurity Records;

Moon Incarnate's debut album to be released by Iron Bonehead Productions: "...Moon Incarnate's sound was born out of love for the early works of the Peaceville Three - Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, and Anathema..."

January 22, 2024

Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present Moon Incarnate’s striking debut album, ‘Hymns to the Moon’, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Moon Incarnate are a new band of old souls, forged with single-minded focus. The band features the duo of Christian Kolf (Valborg) and Matin Vasari (Beyondition), who together wrote, recorded, and produced their debut album over the course of two years in their hometown of Bonn, Germany, with Peter Scartabello (Sky Shadow Obelisk) recording his drum tracks in Providence, Rhode Island, home of H.P. Lovecaraft.

Suitably, Moon Incarnate’s sound was born out of love for the early works of the Peaceville Three – Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, and Anathema – as well as early Amorphis, Tiamat, Katatonia, Samael, and Moonspell. Powerfully patient and starkly streamlined, their ‘Hymns to the Moon’ full-length lumbers forward with eerie, awe-inspiring ease: massively heavy, entrenched in moonlit atmosphere, and rendered in rich, vintage tones courtesy of mastering by Armin Rave (Pavor). As forecasted by both moniker and album title, Moon Incarnate’s ‘Hymns to the Moon’ indeed delves into classic gothic horror themes while always paying tribute to Mother Moon.

Whether one’s a maniac for early Doom/Death or simply heeds the call of horror in Heavy Metal, you will FEEL the chill in your bones with Moon Incarnate’s ‘Hymns to the Moon’!

More info: Moon Incarnate; Iron Bonehead Productions;

Caligari Records ready to release Purulency's first demo: "Purulent Death Doom of the lowest order, 4 noxious decompositions..."

January 18, 2024

Caligari Records is proud to release ‘Transcendent Unveiling of Dimensions’, the first demo by Purulency.

Emerged in Kingsport, TN, in December of 2018 when Neal Williams brought forth a collection of riffs and song concepts to a friend, Alex Depew, who then joined the band on drums. In 2022, Garrett Morelock (guitar) and session/live members Harrison Hunt (vocals) and Carter Vickers (bass) joined.

The band recorded their first demo, ‘Transcendent Unveiling of Dimensions’ in 2023. Lyrically, the band strays from the typical gore approach, choosing instead to focus on imagery related to “alien” or vaguely Lovecraftian worlds. Drawing inspiration from iconic acts like Abhorrence, Demilich, Grave, Amorphis, Demigod, Convulse, and others, Purulency crafts a sound steeped in the traditions of Death Metal.

Purulent Death Doom of the lowest order, 4 noxious decompositions…out on cassette, limited to 150 copies, January 26th.

More info: Purulency; Caligari Records;

Grand Supreme Blood Court’s ‘‘Bow Down Before the Blood Court’ will be released on cassette by Into It Records: “When these 5 heavyweights come together to create music…”

December 27, 2023

Into It Records is super-excited to announce the first time ever release ‘Bow Down Before the Blood Court’ on cassette of this Dutch old school Doom/Death metal masterpiece. Does Grand Supreme Blood Court need any introduction?

The core of old Asphyx with Eric and Bob, the core of present Asphyx with Martin and Alwin and 4-stringer Theo on bass, known for his activities in some of Holland’s leading Death Metal bands. When these 5 heavyweights come together to create music you can be damn sure it old school Death Metal!

This will be the 100th title on Into It Records and the release is set for January 19th 2024 which is the 4-year anniversary of the label.

100% Old School Death Metal…damn right!

More info: Grand Supreme Blood Court; Into It Records;

Sepulchral Voice Records and Dark Descent Records reveals Vircolac's new album: "It is bloody, it is epic and it is timeless"

December 23, 2023

Today Sepulchral Voice Records and Dark Descent Records proudly announce the 23rd of February 2024 as international release date for Vircolac’s new full length album.

With their second album ‘Veneration’, Vircolac are balancing on a razor’s edge… confidently and with combat boots… creating their best release to date.

The album encompasses the whole world of Death Metal, but it also adds another world, a much darker one. The Wolves have managed to create an album full of anger and tragedy. An album full of doom and conviction and they spit it out into a world that is obviously choking on generic, soulless and technically “perfect” standard “Death Metal” releases.

You can hardly write and play Death Metal in a more personal and emotional way. Although the album does not reveal it’s entirety on first contact, it will be generous to those who fully engage in it. ‘Veneration’ meanders between choleric outbursts and epic arrangements with an eerie, deeply funereal atmosphere that apparently only Irish bands are capable of writing.

‘Veneration’ is bloody, it is epic and it is timeless. It combines tradition and Zeitgeist and consciously rejects everything that is polished, fashionable or blatant. The result: Vircolac’s black is darker and their fire is brighter. And this is what you can feel when it slowly creeps under your skin.

The album will appear on good old Compact Disc (Digipack), 12″ vinyl LP and all the digital formats. Our comrades of Dark Descent Records will conquer the new world, Sepulchral Voice Records infects the old world.

Vircolac stated the following:

As the sun stands still in the sky, in the depths of winter, at the darkest time of year, we are pleased to announce the international release of our second full length album ‘Veneration’.

Recorded during the the 10th year of the band’s existence with Shaun Cadogan at Last Light Recordings in April 2023. In the aftermath of our debut album, Masque, we met a world of fear induced mania resulting in our own retreat from the glaring light of day and into our respective lairs where we set about working towards what would become our second full length album, ‘Veneration’.

An intense labour of songwriting emerged during the winters of discontent coupled with the ebb and flow of musicians from the band resulting in a triumph over tragedy for the three core members that now form the nucleus of Vircolac.

The album title comes from many epic wanderings through an ancient landscape in solitude, seeing stone monuments from a long forgotten past that were erected to venerate the dead and so, as a nation where veneration is an essential part of the daily life of its people, and the past very much a place where the dead join the living, the question was prompted; who will venerate us? What have we done to warrant any veneration?

Thematically, the lyrics reflect on the many deathly topics infused in our ancient cultural lore. From the bloodshed that has fed the land for generations, to the gods and goddesses still invoked to this day and the fallen martyrs whose idealism never came to pass. And so, as in life, all comes to pass and as we fade, nothing shall remain.

Stylistically, Veneration is unquestionably a Death Metal album from beginning to end. Fusing expansive influences from outside the genre to bring a sense of melancholy, despair, triumph, anger and agony. ‘Veneration’ is a soaring and plunging experience of emotional tumult.

More info: Vircolac; Dark Descent Records; Sepulchral Voice Records;