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Denial Of Death – A Failed Exorcism

denial of death – a failed exorcism


The Brazilian born and in Germany residing Glauber “Haereticus” Ataide formed Denial Of Death in 2021 as a solo-project with the ‘Unholy Trinity’ as his first feat. And although it remains a little unclear whether this 2022 released new album was written and recorded solely by Ataide again, fact is that in 2022 the project expanded to a full four-member band. Regardless, ‘A Failed Exorcism’ sounds like a solid step up from the debut EP.

Most striking of this debut album is the rather prominent bass sound, its low rumbling is omnipresent and gives the album a distinct rocking vibe. Which is in actual contrast with the rest of the music, which can best be described as rather theatrical and deeply melodic Black Metal. The idea of melting those two significantly different sorts of music together results in something that does not work equally well at all moments, but at least shows a creative spirit and musical daring. It may not fully cover the load, but sometimes the music is best described as a mix between a slightly less vicious version of Nattefrost with a slightly less ingenious-sounding Covenant (‘Nexus Polaris’). But Denial Of Death’s experimentation drift doesn’t end there, in the roughly mid-paced ‘Pleasure In Pain’ we hear a rather exotic melody, but here the idea is less well developed and seems more like a vibe-breaking interlude. It is also about this point on the album, with a playing time of just over 40 minutes, that the music is losings most of its grip. Not that the tracks later on is necessarily bad or significantly less interesting than the first songs, but I fear it is the hotchpotch of different elements that seem to suffer from some metal fatigue. While ‘If I Died Tomorrow’ sounds quite interesting, its doomy atmosphere and semi-acoustic strumming sounds quite like late 90’s Gothic-tinged Scandinavian Doom Metal in the vein of early Tristitia, it comes quite as a surprise and a downright musical misfit. As a whole, Denial Of Death has shown quite a bit of potential and some tracks definitely has a great vibe and some good riffs to offer, even that Doom Metal track is great on its own, the album lacks a little coherence to keep you on your toes for the full 40+ minutes. Yet, I am honestly very curious to what a next album will be offering.

Denial Of Death

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