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Gorgonaut – The Foul and the Feral

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When your read aliases like Pestilator, Impregnator and Molestolator, you probably think these distinguished gentlemen play some subtle background music with hints of easy listening jazzy soul. Guess again! Gorgonaut plays depraved and rotten Swedish Death Metal, rather in the vein of the bands who released demos in 1989 than something like Dismember’s “Massive Killing Capacity”. The pounding drums along with the groovy riffs as well as the choice to keep the songs around 3 minutes, makes sure the demo is interesting and keeps it off the “redundancy” radar. Only the tracks “… And the Dead Keep It… “ (which is a doomy instrumental) and “Satan Pays” (which is more a hardcore/punk track with sing-alongs and everything), are different comparing them with the 5 tracks before. The demo has a primitive attitude due the sound and the use of guitar feedback, yet it fits like a glove. Not a groundbreaking demo and I don’t think they will receive bags filled with label contracts, but it is certainly an authentic sounding and a pleasant demo. (Ricardo)