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Crucible of Sorrow – Sadistic Hymns of Sorrow [EP]

crucible of sorrow – sadistic hymns of sorrow [ep]


A debut EP release from new Canadian trio A.S, C.F, and A.T, collectively known as Crucible of Sorrow. Once more I’ve been drawn into reviewing a release based on the principle of judging a book by its cover; in this case the wonderfully eerie strokes from artist Viltisvm who has created a wonderfully intoxicating piece of cover art. As already mentioned, ‘Sadistic Hymns of Sorrow’ is a four track debut EP from this Canadian Melodic Black Metal triumvirate and I’m so pleased to be able to report that this books cover is firmly matched by the story hidden within its binds.

Pleasant acoustic melody soon makes way for a shifting style of thoughtful and piercing lead guitar sound as well as a rapacious and graceful rhythm once the pace is increased. Those are the hallmarks of opening track ‘Sadistic Hymns of Sorrow’, though a darker mood descends during ‘Night of Misanthropic Winds’ as the guitar tones take on a more feral aspect. With a more bombastic style from behind the kit, ‘Eternal Meditations Among the Monoliths’ showcases Crucible of Sorrow at their most devastating, though as the track progresses there also grows a bleak beauty as well as a grinding savagery to the riffs and drums combination, with a suitable amount of punishing bass present also. That being said, this track also highlights the bands vast array of rhythm and melodic flourishes as they create an all encompassing atmosphere of both soaring brilliance and murky darkness.

Vocalist A.T. delves deep into his extensive vocal range throughout the EP; dragging out serpentine whispers, chanted spoken word interludes and his main feature, barked abrasive shrieks. The band close their debut EP with their namesake, ‘Crucible of Sorrow’. A high energy track with glacial guitar leads, more bombastic drumming and an undercurrent of flowing, powerful dark melody. Somebody needs to pick this EP up on cassette, or ideally vinyl as that cover art would look superb gracing the front of an LP.

Crucible of Sorrow

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