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Burial Dust – Oshubho Ahobaan [EP]

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A metal band from Bangladesh, that certainly is something I don’t receive in my mailbox every day! This given fact instantly makes me curious for what a band from a region like this comes up with. What strikes me immediately while listening to this is the charm of the sincere underground feel the overall sound gives. The fairly thin but adequate production, the resounding vocals, for me they all turn into actual strong points for this EP. From the eerie build-up in ‘Oshubho Ahobhaan’ and the interesting melodic parts in ‘Where is your Rahmaa’, the haunting clean sung intro leads into furious straightforward black metal that reminds me of something between the very early work of Ancient Rites and of champions of 90’s Greek black metal such as Varathron or Rotting Christ. The vocals do not exploit the in black metal often heard high pitched scream, but opt for a lower, guttural scream, that drips of hatred and disgust. A bit in the vein of bands like Mortuary Drape and Mystifier. Through their black metal, influences of doom and (melodic) death metal shine through. This is certainly not a band that will make huge steps with this EP, but I have a weak spot for this kind of relentless material. If you have that weak spot as well, give it a shot. (Stijn)