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Arbor – In Starless Night… We Follow A River Of Blood [Demo]

arbor – in starless night… we follow a river of blood [demo]


‘In Starless Night… We Follow A River Of Blood’ is the fifth demo of Arbor, a one-man Black Metal act from New York, USA which is helmed by Taurus, who is also active in Fellwinter and Gauntlet Ring. Although the act gained quite some praise and popularity over the past two years, each self-released cassette tape gets sold out in no-time, Taurus seemingly settled with the idea of releasing his own music on his own terms.

Arbor’s take on the Black Metal genre is definitely one of a regressive kind, harkening back to the times when Raw Black Metal was reaching one of the first peaks around the turn of the millennium. A time when everyone was chasing copies of those first recordings of bands like Moonblood, Nargaroth, Graveland, Mütiilation, Judas Iscariot, Krieg and Maniac Butcher. The music on this latest Arbor demo tape can basically be found something in between those bands, riff heavy, yet very shrill, cold and sharp in sound and with an equally icy vocal delivery and overall production. If you were a part of that rejuvenation of Raw Black Metal, when new blood was being poured into the scene or grew to appreciate that particular sound, then ‘In Starless Night… We Follow A River Of Blood’ is definitely a demo to check out. The authenticity of the music is stunning, the slow and sombre opening riff already points out what you are dealing with, but as the demo is progressing the grand splendour of it revels. It is simply impressive to see that Taurus just blends in bits and pieces of almost every of these great late 90’s and early 00’s bands into such an amazing piece of bleak Black Metal.

As said, this tape was already sold out at the time of writing, despite being released in the reasonable amount of 200 copies, but it definitely promises something for a future full-length album. That debut should see the dark of night any time soon, as the demos definitely proves the act to be album-ready. In the meantime those five demo tapes do deserve to be compiled on a nice double vinyl too…


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