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Conifère – L’Imp​ô​t Du Sang

conifère – l’imp​ô​t du sang


After having released a demo and a split in 2020, Conifère went silent for a good couple of years. While many bands do release one album or EP after another, these Canadians clearly took a different approach. But, a quieter release pace doesn’t say anything about the band’s dedication. Whatever the reason the band needed a few years to finally come up with a follow-up of their well-received first recordings, it was well worth the wait.

It might have taken a while, but Conifère has not lost any of its intensity and their typical creative diversity. When compared to those earlier recordings, ‘L’Imp​ô​t Du Sang’ sounds more mature and balanced, something that the music definitely benefits highly from. The trio behind the band guides you along the abyssal paths of this dizzying hotchpotch of different musical elements. There’s as much Punk going on as there is Folk and Black Metal, even some plain Rock song structures are not shunned.

Beautiful Folk-inspired melodies easily go hand in hand with the up-beat Punky rhythms, something that in itself might not be all that original, but the natural way Conifère brings it makes it so unique. This way it feels quite close to fellow-Quebecer Ifernach, a comparison that might be a bit obvious, but I am quite sure that fans of bands like Nécropole (or the affiliated Caverne) will also be pleased with ‘L’Imp​ô​t Du Sang’. The resemblance to the French bands is mainly in the Punkish and treble-sounding way of song writing, just add a bit of these great and alluring Folky melodies and you’ll have a good picture of what Conifère is all about.

For those who are into the bands mentioned before or in Atmospheric and Epic Black Metal in the well-known Canadian way, with lots of blazing tremolo riffs and grandiose melodies and clean chanting (listen to the monumental closing track), Conifère is another band to embrace. It will only be a matter of time before this band will be picked up by a label in the ranks of Eisenwald, Nordvis or Sepulchral Productions.


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