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Vampyric Winter – My Last Vampyric Winter Among These Ruins

vampyric winter – my last vampyric winter among these ruins


Castle in the distance, check. Black and white colors, check. The use of the word “Vampyric” in both band name and album title, double check.

Vampyric Winter’s new album has many of the traits that have become synonymous with Black Metal as a whole in recent years, but can it surpass its predecessor from 2021?

In a short answer, yes! But not only it surpasses their output from two years ago, but it also sets the bar higher for what’s to come from the effervescent scene from Catalonia. Which has become one of my favorite discoveries in recent times.

But for now, let’s focus solely on this new album and what it has to offer. Overall, what we hear here is a more mature and cohesive band. Which isn’t afraid to show its influences, but now it sounds more unique in its purpose and dons its own identity.

Another point of notice is the addition of Mr. O. (the man behind Obskuritatem and other innumerable bands/projects from Bosnia & Herzegovina), who assumes the vocal duties and delivers a great performance that despite the harsh delivery, still maintains an understandable tone that allows the listeners to discern what the lyrics have to say.

It’s worthy mentioning how the production here was a huge step up also. The music sounds incredibly organic, warm and alive, but without compromising any of the characteristics that define the genre. A rare thing in the times where “bedroom projects” have become the new standard for the vast majority of the emerging new blood of Black Metal worldwide.

Executionwise,I have to point out how good the opening title track is. Since it sets the tone for the whole duration of the album. Like a raging storm, the rasping guitars are accompanied but the incredibly competent drumming in an incessant assault of the purest kind of Black Metal, while the echoing vocals tell a story of blood, war and tragedy.

Beside the opening track, check out ‘When Light is Diminished’ and ‘The Rise of Our Sulphurous Empire’, you’ll thank me later.

It may be a little too early to tell, since this album just came out on January 9th of this year, but I sincerely don’t care, and I’m going to call it album of the year material nonetheless! If not that, I can still assure you that it may figure, at least, in my top 5 for 2023. Go listen to it now!

Vampyric Winter

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