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Übelkeit – Anachronism [EP]

Übelkeit – anachronism [ep]


A German band name that translates to Nausea: you are forgiven if you didn’t guess that the entity behind the name Übelkeit hails from Chile and plays dissonant Black Metal.

A cacophony of church bells precedes distorted strumming guitars and relentless drums, which are then accompanied by hoarse vocals that are more in the vein of Beherit and Archgoat. Übelkeit certainly doesn’t mess around and immediately leaves an impression within the opening minutes of ’Earth Tombstone’, one of two songs on the first EP ‘Anachronism’. As the song unfolds, things then take a more dissonant and contrarian direction, with eerie strumming draped upon the rampaging drums as the song fades into an ambient outro. The second song ‘Passion of the Blind One’ then continues the skincrawling strumming dissonance, sticking to a more midpaced approach outside the occasional burst in drum tempo. As the guitar parts seem to shift further and further away into madness, they create a sense of disorientation and discomfort that perfectly complements the eerie riffs and bellowing vocals. It is then through the same church bells that the second EP of this project of the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist M. reaches it end. Short, but sweet, as they say.

Übelkeit certainly doesn’t take dissonance in a Deathspell Omega type of direction on this EP. Instead, it lies in the uncomfortable note progression, while the underlying structure is rather more based on classical Black Metal. The music reminds me mostly of Mayhem, with some hints of their glorious debut full-length but even more so ‘Grand Declaration of War’. Stripped of all those electronic escapades and that militant sound that is, and the riffs are much more bareboned than that of Blasphemer. Furthermore, the riffs certainly have strong resemblance to the work of Icelandic bands like Sinmara and Svartidauði as well. Especially for those that like their Black Metal uncomfortable without it getting all too crazy, checking out their Bandcamp and listening to 11 minutes that comprise ‘Anachromism’ should turn out to be time well spent.


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