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Aislación – Minor Chants [Demo]

aislación – minor chants [demo]

These guys are no rookies in the Metal scene, they were part of a Doom Death Metal band called A Naked Soul, which was active from 1993 to 1997. A brief spoken intro serves as an opener for the first track, which is an instrumental piece very well executed, the rhythmic section is concise, accurate and pounding all the time, this track attacks straight out with a very heavy and doomy riff, which led us know since the beginning, that Aislación sails in the sea of Heavy / Doom Metal in its prime form, I heard influences here and there of seminal bands like Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Witchfinder General and some 90’s Doom Metal bands like Internal Void and the likes. Even more Thrashy moments can be heard in songs like “Animism” (My fave track on the demo btw), or in “Afterlife Chord” where, a more doomy Zoetrope can be heard (In the times of “A life of Crime” Album), Some thrash riffs appears from time to time, reminding me of Zoetrope a lot, mainly in the vocal department, which is some sort of desperate – yelling hardcore approach type of vocals. This demo left me with the crave for more from Aislación, the only thing that could be better, in my personal opinion: A better mix. The sound is raw and dirty, but you can hear every instrument perfectly, The highlights for this release are the tremendous feeling and the great musicianship delivered in 4 tracks that longs about 19 min. (Uriel)