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Kthulhu – Hymnis Nigrum [EP]

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Kthulhu is a trio from Sweden and ‘Hymnis Nigrum’ is their second release after their 2014 debut, ‘Swear the Oath’. The EP starts with ‘Blood Trance’, a mid-tempo groovy song with Slayer-influenced riffs mixed with black metal elements. Second track is ‘Sacreligous’, where we find the band speeding things up, presenting us a crushing black/thrash anthem which reminds me of bands such as Desaster. ‘Final Funeral’ is a thrashier song-its main riff could have been written by any 80’s thrash metal band- while at the same time you can hear parts influenced by black metal acts such as Watain. Fourth track ‘Death Rides’ is slower with dark melodies and less thrash metal elements. ‘Hymnis Nigrum’ closes with ‘Through Black Vessels’, a haunting dark opus which has many elements borrowed by the Swedish black metal scene. Production is very good with a modern touch and every instrument is distinguishable. This release will satisfy both fans of thrash and Swedish black metal.(Kostas Paganizer)