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Sacrimonia – Anthems Of Eclipse

sacrimonia – anthems of eclipse


Sacrimonia is a Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal band from Poland that was founded in 2015 and released a first EP in 2016 but went silent for the following years. It wasn’t until summer last year that the band would return with something new, their self-released debut album ‘Anthems Of Eclipse’.

On this 8-track (including intro) album, with a total playing time of well over 40 minutes, the band present a well-played kind of Symphonic Black Metal that reminds of all the elements that typified the late 90’s and early 00’s: a rich sound in which the keyboards do play a prominent role, lots of dynamism and tempo changes. Such a rich sound, with lots of different things going on, that we heard from bands like Agathodaimon, Catamenia, late 90’s Dimmu Borgir (‘Spiritual Black Dimensions’-era) and the likes. While the keyboards are omnipresent on the album, the leading role is for vocalist Kamila “Lasaira” Grabowska-Derlatka. Her vocals are the icing on the cake here, offering such diversity that it fully supports the rest of the music. One time she sounds snarly, the other she sounds more like Cadaveria during her later Opera IX records, but, despite her good looks, she definitely doesn’t go all into the Tristania or Theatre Of Tragedy territories, on the contrary, she sounds angry and possessed, not at all angelic. The whole things is wrapped up in a great and complimentary sound, huge enough to give the bombast and melodicism an extra booster and raw enough to retain a nifty Black Metal vibe.

In recent times a lot of Black Metal bands appeared who don’t necessarily honour the down trodden paths of Bathory or Darkthrone, but tend to lean more towards that rich and melodic side of the genre that came up around the last 90’s and had its heydays around the turn of the century/millennium. Sacrimonia also fit to that league of bands, and with their debut album they have added a very enjoyable record to that stack of new bands who kind of pay homage to a sound that once was ridiculed. Next step for Sacrimonia is to find a good label to get their music spread even further…


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