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Grief Collector – From Dissension to Avowal

grief collector – from dissension to avowal

From the frosty realm of Minneapolis comes a groovy, gloomy slab of Doom. From the very first note this album took me back to high school (circa 98-99) where I first discovered the righteous sounds of Doom Metal in the likes of Twisted Tower Dire, Mood, Cathedral and Candlemass. The same feeling I had then, I felt with Grief Collector’s debut record…and the fact that it is a debut was even more excellent.

It is a very strong, very tight album. Clocking in at a hair over thirty minutes, every song keeps you rocking into the next. Hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to…it would probably be “A Mournful Pact” but all of them are pretty ace. (TravisN)