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Servorum – Atramentous [Demo]

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This is the first time that I listen to a band from Philippines and what a surprise! Servorum delivers Brutal Death Black Metal right in your face. We have here a 3 songs demo plus 2 cover songs, which is quite strange because these songs are of Impaled Nazarene and Darkthrone and Servorum does not sound like them at all. The songs are furious and extreme as hell. It is the same vibe/brutality you can hear on Sepultura’s “Morbid Visions” and in bands like Suffocation, Sadistik Execution, Bestial Warlust and Blasphemy. The production is quite decent but I guess there is no need of a cleaner sound for Servorum’s music. If you like your Death Black Metal Brutal, take a good listen to Servorum. These guys deserve a record deal and their music to be spread. (Jön)