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Angra Mainyu – Ashera Triumphant [EP]

angra mainyu – ashera triumphant [ep]


The story of the Black Metal band Angra Mainyu from Sweden goes way back to the early 90’s, when they were around under the name of Ahriman. Ahriman was an ancient Persian God of Darkness, but as immortal as Gods of Darkness are, so mortal appeared the band. Without any sign of proof of their existence, the band disappeared in 1997. The six years of their existence turned out not to be enough to enliven humanity with a demo or any recording whatsoever. But just as inscrutable as the ways of the Gods, this band also turns out to be full of surprises. In 2017, the band suddenly resurfaced, under a new name. At least, the same name, but different. Angra Mainyu is just another name of Ahriman. Well, that may not be such a big deal, but according to the all-knowing Encylopeadia Metallum, none of the band members from the very beginning are involved in this revival…

Ah, well. Who cares? It is the music that counts. So, let’s dive into that. Before this new EP, ‘Ashera Triumphant’, the band delivered an EP in 2018 and a full-length in 2019. Both were not quite convincing and offered not much more than average sounding Black Metal with a clear Death Metal vibe. The last three years the band seemed to have spent on perfecting their sound, in which they kind of succeeded. The four tracks on this nearly 20 minutes clocking EP, are definitely a lot better than the ones on the first two efforts. On the bands’ debut they sounded kind of stiff and a little naïve in song writing, like they were not yet really sure where to go to musically. On this new EP they’ve clearly chosen sides, it is quite typical Swedish Black Metal that is their game. The riffs flow smoother and the drums sound much more fluently, the melodies are working better and the sound is clearer. Yet, it is also obvious that there is still some work to be done, the music lack a sense of urgency, that magical spark, so to say. Though Angra Mainyu has taken a step up, the music on offer sounds a bit standard and requires something to make them stand out of the rest. Something that makes them recognizable out of all other bands sporting this genre of Melodic Black Metal. Judging from the step they’ve taken from their first efforts to this one, it might just be possible that they band is able to surprise on their next feat. This one was a fun listen, but in the end not quite memorable.

Angra Mainyu [SWE]

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