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Dakota Westbrook – Worthless

dakota westbrook – worthless

A one-man project from the USA playing Atmospheric Black Metal. Lots have done it before Dakota Westbrook did it and many will do it later on, yet it is always a tricky thing to achieve a bit of success. “Worthless” is the second album of Dakota Westbrook, who also plays in Seke Nipahem and released 7 digital full-lengths. Can’t say I’m impressed with those efforts, but let’s get back to this project. Besides the album title, there are song titles like “Emotional Suicide”, “Void of Life” and “This World is Cruel”, so you can do wild guess this album isn’t about happy thoughts, the flowers and the bees. One would say the diversity on this album is a thumbs up, others will ask themselves about the style Dakota Westbrook is aiming for. There is a huge trace of Death Metal in the riffs of a song like “No Blood loss”, while Atmospheric Cascadian Black Metal is the main vibe on the following track; “Mistreat Me”. If you ask me, that’s the main problem of this album, it isn’t a whole as the next song can be totally different than the previous one. Stick with one style (The Cascadian Black Metal would be the best one), develop it and come back with a third album, as this one is just mediocre in my opinion. (Ricardo)