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Horn – Verzet

horn – verzet


I believe one of the most alluring traits wherein sound is concerned is the ability to recall past memories, even those that may not have been experienced, but just the resonance of the notes makes the sensation feel almost “lived in”. In other words, the art of weaving such a tapestry can place one’s conscious in a world that is scintillating to the mind, for the manner in which the art unfolds can be likened to the gentle breeze that caress a naked body upon the earth of a lush forest, where ever minuscule detail is stimulating to the mind. This, to me, is where music is no longer merely a simple tune , but instead a realm where the soul can seek repose.

‘Verzet’ an album by Pagan Black Metal entity, Horn, exemplifies the aforementioned wherein the invocation of sound within art can become the portal for the mind to cross over. The very topography of this landscape renders onto the senses an innate expression to the musical constructs utilized in fashioning such a world,tracks such as ‘Alpenrekorder’ and ‘A Hill to Die On’ demonstrate the fine nuances found through the folk like elements coupled with the traditional strings and percussion, for the unification of these energies gives onto the album a rather, earthly texture to the atmosphere. The vocals, in my opinion, becomes the key variable which accentuates the musical features, for at times, the candor that is evoked by the vocals renders a boisterous and robust ambience to its tone, for if the herculean mountains and the roaring rivers had the luxury of speech, their voices would take such shape in motion.

The beast who wishes to satiate it’s thirst along the river’s stream and take rest within the womb of the forest may find solitude within the citadel of green.Such is the same with ‘Verzet’, for the spirit that dwells within its melodies is enough to reinvigorate a tired mind, to give strength to that which is feeble, for it is an album that possess a primal energy that fuses with the threads of a mind to give onto the soul who submits themselves to its essence…a cathartic journey.


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