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Vestal Cuntvomit – Barbaric Supremacy

vestal cuntvomit – barbaric supremacy


Lets face it, there’s always some limitations to what we what we want to be or stuff we want to do – we want to be rich, but don’t really feel like selling the hours of our existence to get the money we need; we want to look hot, but going to the gym is just too demanding… you understand it, I know you do.

The same problem appears with music genres. A bit of experimentation is considered fine in most of them, if you don’t leave your ground. When you cross that line, especially In the extreme genres of Metal, you immediately get called a poser or a sell-out, and due to extremely high percentage of elitism, your work as a musician will forever be lost in the mind vaults. The more particular the genre, the less experimentation it will allow. Another problem is the fact that if you don’t get to define your own sound, you’ll get lost in a myriad of bands who had potential, but never reached it.

Australia has always had a recognizable sound from the bands it spawned during the decades (literally in every genre imaginable) and as such it has given us some of the best War Metal / bestial Black Metal bands (Bestial Warlust, Sadistik Execution, Abominator etc.) which have managed to stand the test of time and are still worshipped globally today.

I first came in touch with Vestal Cuntvomit with the release of their first demo ‘Beast among Vermin’ in 2020 and thought to myself after a long time of being swamped with records from different artists from around the globe all sounding the same ‘This is nice!’ ‘Nice’ in this case means brutal, filthy, disgusting and destructive, all those fine ‘nice’ things you want in your war metal. Two years later the band unleashed their second demo ‘Slaughter for Satan’ and it was immediately more than obvious their own sound has improved to the point the band could now be recognized within a bunch of other bands with similar intentions, so waiting for the next release was even more impatient than previously. Fast forward to March 2024 when Vestal Cuntvomit debut full length ‘Barbaric Supremacy’ finally appeared.

So, does the band deliver, I hear you ask… Oh (excuse the profanity, it is used as the sentence enhancer here) fucking hell, it does! After the atmosphere setting ‘Intro’ you’re immediately thrown into an aural torture built from maniacal, yet very precise drumming, deliciously nasty and fast like hell guitar work and absolutely possessed double vocals. If you’re a god-fearing Christian, you’ll recognize this sound as the incarnation of hell, but if you’re a fan of the bestial side of the music spectrum, you will probably get the feeling of being torn apart to pieces while your head is repeatedly bashed full force into a concrete floor, set on fire, buried and pissed on. But, you know, that’s how it’s supposed to feel (if you’re new around here) and we love this feeling.

Personally I’m not a fan of slower parts in this particular genre and this album has just enough of those to keep things interesting, which forces the listener to stay focused. The slower parts are most usually followed by speed and ferocity reminiscent of grind. My personal favorite tracks are definitely ‘Godraping Hellfire’ and ‘Holocaustic War Machine’, so to you, nerdier people, the titles should also serve as a proof the war metal lingo is properly used here. So, the final verdict is this album is one of AOTY contestants in the category of the most insane metal genre in existence.

So, if you’re not familiar with Vestal Cuntvomit and consider yourself a war metal fanatic, you better fill your ears with this absolute monstrosity of an album and the records building up to it. You won’t regret it. The members of this band also have a separate, more Death Metal sounding band Pandemic Holocaust, which you should also listen to. Even though these are the same people, both veterans in the Melbourne Extreme Metal scene, Pandemic Holocaust is a completely different monster. It’s actually incredibly refreshing to know the same musicians can build their own different styles and recognizable sound, without one of the projects just becoming the dumpsite where unused stuff from the first one gets left.

Vestal Cuntvomit

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