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VVilderness – Path

vvilderness – path


Hungarian solo artist Vvildr is at it once again. Bringing forth upon us his fourth full-length album, ‘Path’ with his “band” Vvilderness. Vvilderness are a Folk tinged Atmospheric Post-Black Metal act that started in 2017 with the outstanding debut album ‘Devour The Sun’. This humble reviewer’s first introduction to this act was his even more amazing second album, ‘Dark Waters’ (which I happened to review for here as well). Then just one short year later there was even more growth and a general raise in level, to absolutely everything involved, that happened on third full-length; ‘As Above, So Below’. So going into this new album I personally had high hopes and a good deal of expectations for ‘Path’ to lead me somewhere spectacular.

And disappointed I was not. For ‘Path’ is outstanding and moving and there is some truly beautiful spectacularness to be found within. From the pretty melancholic parts to the glorious aggressive sections, the ebb and flow of the build up to crescendo and back down again, it’s all so wonderful and emotional and just fucking amazing. There may be no reinvention of the wheel here, there may not be anything outstandingly different from other acts within the genre spector but what there is is a true understanding of songwriting and craftsmanship. An understanding that improves upon said wheel and furthers the genre to new, glorious and downright gorgeous heights.

Vvildr can convey the same amount of feeling, epicness and motion that most bands of this ilk take ten to fifteen to even sixty minutes to convey, in the span of usually seven minutes or less. Which may not seem like a lot but when you are a listener of albums and not singles it makes a major difference. You seem to crave it more when it is done. I love long songs as much as the next Folk tinged Atmospheric Post-Black Metal fan but there is something about an artist that understands how to give you enough to truly love and move you but holds back the perfect amount to make you crave more and more. And with Path Vvilderness has done this and more.

Personally I love this artists work and all aspects of it. From the album artwork, the music contained within said album and the equally impressive merch connected to said album cycle. All of which is available for you on bandcamp, my favorite place to support the artists we love.


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