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Initiation – Initiation [Demo]

initiation – initiation [demo]

And once again a demo that just got dropped like a demonic flesh-eating virus on an obesities camp, feasting on the living…leaving the bones behind as inverted crosses. Initiation from Sweden are here with their debut demo and the 3 tracks created by Ecclesiastical Exterminator, Antediluvian Arsonist and Fatalistic Fornicator are just top-notch if you ask me.

The Death Metal is filled with satanic horror and pure evil and definitely Swedish. But not in any Dismember or Entombed kind of Old School Death Metal as these seducers of the undead are more in the nefarious sounds of the early demo days of Dissection / Satanized, Repugnant, Vampire (their demo  “Vampire”) and Bloodstone. The sound is roaring yet clear and the addition of some haunted keys are just the icing on the cake. Initiation delivers a great demo and I can’t imagine it will stop here for these guys. (Ricardo)