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Exhumation – Chants Of Impiety And Misery

exhumation – chants of impiety and misery


If you were to just so happen to look up the band name Exhumation on the amazing, trusted and true resource for us metalheads, Encyclopedia Metallum, you will find nine different bands that use the exact same name, plus there two that are interchangeable with Exhumation as their name. So that is eleven bands in total share the name Exhumation and almost (only one doesn’t) all of them play some sort of Death Metal. But currently with this review we are going to be focussing on the Funeral Doom/Death Metal one here that just so happens to call Barcelona, Spain home.

Mastermind and lone band member Marc Rodriguez is one extremely busy person. He has quite a few other bands, at least six not including Exhumation, that have put out releases of some sort each and every year since at least 2019 right up until now, in 2023, even multiple within a same year. Now with Exhumation here, both of this moniker’s releases happened to have come out in the same year, 2022. The ‘Twilight Of The Funebre Night’ EP and the full-length that we are currently discussing here, ‘Chants Of Impiety And Misery’. So let’s dive in.

Three tracks of devastatingly crushing Funeral Doom/Death obliterate your soul for a total of about thirty-seven minutes. Three tracks, an average of around thirteen minutes each, of heart wrenching, soul squashing, gut punching misery. It’s Funeral Doom/Death, it’s slow, ultra deep, gutteral and delightfully agonizing all while simultaneously being (somewhat) grandiose, majestic and downright beautiful.

With Exhumation’s ‘Chants Of Impiety And Misery’ , Marc Rodriguez has created the perfect unison of Funeral Doom and Doom/Death, almost as if taking all the best, most breath stealing, parts from Bell Witch and Encoffination and weaving them together. And if you know anything about those two bands and understand the idea of their best parts combined into one outstanding output; then you understand what you will get with this depressingly amazing album.

So in the end of it all, if you do not normally like Funeral Doom/Death Metal then this will probably not sway you in that direction but if it does happen to be your jam, then you will most likely love this album. Like I do.

Exhumation [ESP]

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