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Raakimus – Tuskien Taival [EP]

raakimus – tuskien taival [ep]


‘Tuskien Taival’ is the debut EP of this Finnish duo that blends parts of both Melodic/Symphonic Black with Dungeon Synth. Not quite the first band to do so, but that they might be the first band that describes their music as “Old School Experimental Dungeon Synth & Black Metal”. That seems a little contradictory, right?

Yes, very much so. But in a sense it kind of covers the music of Raakimus. On ‘Tuskien Taival’, which from Finnish translates to ‘Sky Of Pain’, the band starts with a moody sort of Dungeon Synth intro, but then bursts into a blasting piece of old style, late 90’s Black Metal – the contrast could hardly be greater. But along the way of that first track the true musical identity of Raakimus (which might be translated to ‘Ogre’ or even ‘Boogieman’) starts to shine through. They are deeply rooted in the late 90’s Melodic Black Metal movement that had just started to experiment with lots of orchestral and bombastic elements. Think of bands like Morgul and Diabolical Masquerade. The Dungeon Synth part of the music is not limited to the usual intro, outro and possible interludes, but is an integral part of the experience that is ‘Turskien Taival’. Due to the unorthodox character of the music, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are not too averse of an experiment here and there and, of course, the significant melodic nature of the music, then you could definitely consider giving Raakimus a shot.

And please don’t let the band picture fool you, remember that monumental video of ‘Call Of The Wintermoon’ in which Kolgrim/Padde looked even funnier? That said nothing about the ‘Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism’s impact and quality. But, needless to say, of course Raakimus has still quite a of bit tweaking to do before reaching that particular level of genius.


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