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Throat – New Flesh Nectar [Demo]

throat – new flesh nectar [demo]

The Polish Black Metal scene has been, for many years, one that should be looked at with equal doses of seriousness and distrust. Political issues aside, let us stick to the music present before us. Throat is, from the very little information I was able to gather, a quite recent entity. Can I assume that this release, being their first ever, automatically directs us to their year of formation?

Suppositions and Black Metal. “New Flesh Nectar” is 16 minutes and 23 seconds long, displaying a cold and slow approach to Black Metal. A pace that drags but does not stumble; an almost ritualistic way of presenting the Music; the beating of the drums, the deep and bass… one might say that Throat’s music lives in the 90s, yet it does not sound old in any way. It sounds quite recent and authentic, saving those last drops of honesty and putrid breath. It is a short presentation for musicians, which are active in acts like Rites of Daath, Dagorath and Xarzebaal.

A mention to Fallen Temple, for releasing this dirty and rotten piece of Black Metal. I believe that, better than words, experiencing such offering is the best way to extract the musical essence that compose these musicians. (DanielP)