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Dimholt – Epistēmē

dimholt – epistēmē

This five members strong Black Metal band has been hailing from Burgas in Bulgaria since 2007.

The ten tracks are simply Black Metal and that´s definitely a good thing. There aren’t any folk metal elements, progressive fills or “we have to create a new subgenre” elements in the music. For me, a blackmetalhead since the 90s, is this very pleasant. Don´t get me wrong, I totally appreciate every creation of music but at the moment there are so many subgenres and different styles of Black Metal. I just think that is awesome to hear a new interpretation of the dark roots of this evil music.

On “Epistēmē” you hear the classic tremolo picking but without overloading the songs. There are also some catchier parts which gives the listeners a little break before the next rabid attack. The drum playing is classic Black Metal and emphasizes every song and there is a lot of power behind the vocal performance.

I can totally recommend this dark and slightly atmospheric piece of pure Black Metal. (HaCeBo)