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Goat Tyrant – Towards the Threshold of Death [EP]

goat tyrant – towards the threshold of death [ep]


Goat Tyrant are a Polish band formed by two musicians, with the goal and determination to play some nasty old school 1980-ies Black/Thrash/Death Metal with plenty of brutality and they release their 2nd record, after the 2020 debut, ‘Into the Greater Chasm’, on Fallen Temple.

This 5-tracker must be an appetizer of things to come … Goat Tyrant play brutal hammering, I’ll tear you a new asshole!, Blackened Thrash / Death with coarse bellowing and lewd vocals, sublime panned guitar solos that seem to come from nowhere and shred all over the place, while a tight galloping rhythm section shoots shrapnel and power riffs in a 180°degrees radius.

Musicians M.D. (drums and vocals), and W.W. (guitars, bass, vocals) are experienced enough to erect a massive and monumental line of defence, full of wide dramatic riffs and keen compositions of old school mayhem….even some slower tension building doom-ish parts are sandwiched in between.

Every song is a masterpiece on itself. Heavier than an Abrahams tank and as seriously armored – ‘Towards the Threshold of Death’ just rolls over everything it gets in his sight.

It’s Black/Death/Thrash Metal pure before these first two genres were even fashionable at all. This is thé music that made Metal dangerous in those days… And those bands didn’t care if it met the standards of any of those genres – they just ripped and blasted away, trying to sound as extreme as they could.

There are plenty of tempo changes, plump stomping beats and those amazing guitars on this EP, it all perfectly fits together … the vocals aren’t the usual bestial grunts, but rather gruff puked vociferations. We get 4 tracks of delicious gut-puking retro-ish noise and a surprisingly KILLER cover from the 1988 ‘First Massacre’ demo from Dethroner (later: Enormity ).

Fans of older Sodom, Pentagram (Chile), the Polish Throneum and other brutal butchers from the days of old …Bulldözer, Danish DesExult and…Possessed already know what Goat Tyrant have in store for them.

And these people also have that ‘Into the Greater Chasm’ 2020 full length. I own a copy (according to my Bandcamp) and my freakin’ neighbours curse the day I purchased the goddamn thing in the first place!

Shit happens…

Essential albums for the Beast in every metal head….

Goat Tyrant

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