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Sküllfükk SS – Müsikk To Fükk To [Demo]

sküllfükk ss – müsikk to fükk to [demo]


The audience for this review will effectively fall into one of two camps, upon which will hinge the deciding factor of whether or not you’ll enjoy this release; that will be whether you are a fanatic of raw, sloppy, crazed, and maniacally drunken rocking fuckin’ speed metal.

The fact that this Estonian group’s debut is a rehearsal demo should be your first clue as to the recording quality here, but fans of this party-centric style usually don’t have any qualms with some grit in their beer, so to speak, as long as it’s not utter piss, and that’s definitely not the case here. Each cut stands out clearly enough, while staggering about in a raucous frenzy, knocking shit over and screaming incoherently. As a representation of this band’s potential, this should certainly be enough to get a good buzz going amongst the patched denim & leather crowd.

Since the dawn of the early aughts, there has been quite a sizable spate of acts performing the “MotörVenom” demonic biker bar sound, at least since Midnight first broke onto the scene, and there are plenty of other sleazily shining examples of bands using the formula to spawn “black’n’roll” hybrids, but Sküllfükk SS sticks firmly to the virulent, greasy rock roots. Old heshers with their hair in the early ’80s will certainly find favour with this hazy brew of rowdy rock and sinister speed mayhem.

To give a general idea of the musick here, imagine a concoction of Venom and Motörhead’s first albums with a few shots of Mercyful Fate’s legendary self-titled EP, Bulldozer’s “The Day Of Wrath”, Slayer’s “Haunting The Chapel”, and “Hardrocker” from Gehennah, and you should be equipped find your way through this pungent pub crawl.

The individual songs tend to blur together here, as there’s not much room for experimentation or stylistic shifts in this brand, but there are standouts. First round chugger “Alkopokalypse Now” dishes out the standard Venom-worshipping chaotic rock and “Nün Slüt Goat Fükk” immediately doubles down on the nasty heaviness, the guitars being abused like cheap whores (or the musicians’ livers) to segue into the rambunctiously raunchy, Bulldozer-esque “Ilsa, Oh Ilsa”, a lustful ode to a certain nefarious She Wolf…. The hard-charging “SS Speed Riders” follows furiously at her heels with more over-the-top hundred-proof fury featuring hellaciously high pitched vocals that summon references to Mercyful Fate’s early work. “The Sexekütioner” continues in this dark concupiscence, with gritty hooks ripping into your cochlea and stretching your skull wide for the perverse ough-fest of “Big Butt Crazy Slut” (what, no umlauts this time?) which kicks a whole lot of tattooed ass.

A slipshod cover of Venom’s legendary stomper “Black Metal” closes out the festivities, and the recording quality seems to suffer most here, as well as the performance, as if the musicians are finally succumbing to the stupor of heavy intoxication and stumbling about in the garage. Of course, this can easily be overlooked in this type of punky metal, and this is still a faithful tribute to their forebears.

Last Call: If you thrive on all sounds scummy & seedy, have a lecherous lust for loudness, and can’t get enough debauched depravity in your decibel diet, then you should connect with these leather-bound freaks, stat. New material is en route soon…. Cheers, Pröst, Salud, Sláinte, and Skål!! (Terrorgasm)

Sküllfükk SS

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