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Whoretopsy – Take My Breath Away

whoretopsy – take my breath away


What an amazing album cover…Take My Breath Away suddenly got another dimension and perhaps the American army can use this type of torture in their users manual for the very bad people hehe. Like: hey you, shut up and tell us where the bomb is, or I’ll take a vacuum cleaner and make sure that your testicles crawl through you stomach into your throat, so you can suck on them!! Imagine that…

And that’s exactly what this album does with your balls…they make them shake as hell with their earth quaking slam American death metal, uplift your scrotum with the mighty guttural vocals from Zac Bergholtz, stir up your sperm seeds with the blast beats, to finally crush them with their exploding aggression, and all of that free of charge and with the needed humor in it. This band is Cannibal Corpse mixed with Goregrind, so if you loathe this combination I have sad news for your legacy cause here comes the vacuum cleaner! What a splendid shizzle and very neat production…Melbourne can be proud with these aboriginals that could easily survive on human flesh an be creative about how to slaughter them. Stand out tracks: ‘Fallout Boy’, ‘Waltzing Matilda’ and ‘Divine Indigestion’. Alert: not for the most peace-loving people. (Fredde)


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