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Waldoede – Volksmythos [Demo]

waldoede – volksmythos [demo]


I have been a Black Metal fan for years. Started with the generic (may I call it generic?) bands that were closer to the Mainstream, in the 90s, and went on from there. Picked up a few lesser-known acts throughout the way and reached the point I am today. I turned out to be very picky when it comes to choosing a new band to check (new to me, at least… this is from 2020), and I filter “my” Black Metal with a comb-like examination.

Has border? Has B&W pics? Has guy with point hat? Has freaky logo? But does it have quality? I know of people that “eat” whatever is shown to them as being quality Black Metal, but I tend to suspect the “next big thing”, and “Black Metal single premier”. Premiers in Black Metal? What World do we live in? “What happened to the passion?” (H20) truly fits well with this one, right?

I love Black Metal for the emotions that I extract from the music, the approach, how much is put into; does are some of the reasons, and I believe one can smell, at a distance, when some of these elements are missing…

Waldoede is a one-man act from Germany, and bloody Hell, these guys know how to Black Metal, right? That sound, unlike the French, that crafted a more Romantic Black Metal (“romantic”), the Germans have this approach to the genre that is more Folkish, more Pagan, more… earthly, whatever that means. “Wolksmythos” means Folk / Popular Myths, in English, and translating the titles of the songs (sorry for my inexistent German), we get the idea that then artist might be talking / singing / focusing on ancient myths, ancient folklore. And how rich is that?

Black Metal is a very complete genre. Lyrically, it can be based on supernatural, unearthly events, as well as century old legends. How do you top that? You add this melodic facet to it, because this gentleman here does not go for the Raw Black Metal like many, as he creates a neat web of melodies, and this “weak” mix gives it an enormous strength, as it pushes all the melodic elements, up and forward. Does it sound like what bands? To be honest, I did not even waste my time thinking on FFO, as this is too good to not be heard by a very large number of Black Metal listeners.

11 minutes and 47 seconds was all it took to win me over, and over, and over… it is Raw as it is Melodic, it is Fast as it is Slow and Dense. It is truly top-notch quality.

Ufff… we need more. (DanielP)


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