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Grïixis – Srenvëlet Falëndalët [Demo]

grïixis – srenvëlet falëndalët [demo]


Without the need of having to give any specific examples, some countries are special when it comes to their local (extreme) metal scenes. The beauty of Black Metal is that the Black Metal scenes from Finland and Greece for instance are overly recognizable but very different from each other. So was the case with the mid to late 90’s French Black Metal, bands like Vlad Tepes, Mütiilation and Torgeist made up for the majority of the early French Black Metal scene, later followed by the likes of Antaeus, Anorexia Nervosa, Deathspell Omega and Blut Aus Nord for instance, all going into different directions and putting France firmly on the global Black Metal map. Ever since the country has been spawning a good amount of Black Metal bands in a wide variety of the genre’s niche spectrum.

New to the fold is this odly spelled band that is a part of a new intimate group of like-minded artists called “Pourpre Nébüleuse Circle”. With this they are closely related to bands like Këkkreëh and Vereist of which the latter the only band member of Grïixis, Lueur, is also part. With this new entity Lueur goes into a more atmospheric territory and leaning heavily on both melody and an oppressive atmosphere, intricately weaving Ambient parts together with beautifiully written riffs. When it comes to this demo’s sound, it doesn’t seem to be all that coherent but without sacrificing anything on the overall feel and ambiance. On the second song of this 2-tracker for instance Lueur transitions from the way more atmospheric first song to something that comes quite close to the sound that Immortal had on their infamous debut album, ‘Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism’ from 1992, making the full almost 14-minute ride quite a mystical one.

Although for now only based on a rather short 2-track demo it is fair to state that Grïixis occupies a unique position in the current French Black Metal constellation. Mixing up a wide range of different styles and sounds, ‘Srenvëlet Falëndalët’, is a more than exciting and adventurous start for this new project that, moreover, especially highlights the creativity of its indigenous and local Black Metal scene.


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