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Lvnaris – Lunae Errabunda [Demo]

lvnaris – lunae errabunda [demo]


Mystery has always played a role in Black Metal. The act of hiding one’s face or name, identity, location, etc., is very much intrinsic to the genre.

The let music speak for itself motto, which I honestly adore, releases you from a biased opinion, and allows you to absorb the music the best way possible, and in the most authentic way, of course.

Lvnaris is another example of how Black Metal is evolving – or the opposite, considering the sound/production some have – and how the US scene is growing its tentacles. Lvnaris is, according to the little I was able to find, a collaboration between the US and another location in the World, and its sound is very… otherworldly, if I may risk.

It paints a picture of a sky full of stars, cosmic melodies, and a connection to other worlds. In terms of the music itself, Lvnaris has a very nice flow, and the melodies are very hypnotic. The vocals are buried beneath everything, and the sound itself is different in terms of how it might have been recorded. Technical stuff of which I have zero knowledge. Atmospheric Raw Black Metal, that is how the band’s sound is labeled; will not disagree at all.

The melodies are quite excellent, but I dare say the production ruins it a bit for me. Two tracks of a sort of Noise Atmospheric Black Metal, strange production at times (which I believe was intentional), and the melodies almost hidden. The thing is: when you are able to focus on the riffs, the drumming, the keys, the whole thing, their music is actually quite good. 2nd track has this almost upbeat guitar riff that felt out of place at first, but to which I hold on to and got taken on a ride on the music.

This is not your standard Atmospheric Black Metal we are used to these days; this demands a bit more from the listener, demands the listener to be able to peel the layers that hide the gem we can call the band’s sound. Quite interesting.


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