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Golgothan Remains – Golgothan Remains [Demo]

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Blasphemous death metallers Golgothan Remains hails from Australia and they have released their self-titled debut demo “Golgothan Remains” in cassette format. Spawned from the bestial and putrid Australian extreme metal underground they are another flag bearer of pure malevolent deeds. This evil sounding, carnivorous and utterly feral demo have been floating around and have made quite a stir in the underground because of their chaos invoking and darkness infested metal of death in the roots of mighty Incantation and Sadistic Intent. The demo carrying three original tracks named “From Chaos It Has Come”, “Vile Blasphemy” and “Bone from Dust”. “From Chaos It Has Come” starts with an abrupt tempo change which offers the initiation of an infernal spirit to come forth with utmost savagery and after few moments everything stops in the middle and with the engrossing melody creeps in; you will feel the arrival of madness. Ghastly vocal delivery and delayed crafty drums work fueled the atmosphere and you will be ready to embrace the Vile Blasphemy, which more onto mid paced crushing style but the darkness infested atmosphere will make you jolted and paranoid. The quest ended when comes “Bones from Dust” , which is rotten and feral manifestation of insanity and at the end you will crave for more despite you were dusted by their otherworldly spirit. An excellent production, offal tonality, brain-damaging riff slab, finely crafted drums work and beastly vocal delivery…all these words couldn’t really describe my feelings after listening this but to get inside their Golgothan sonic vision you need to expose yourself into this demo and surely you will praise this fantastic debut offering from these wickedly brilliant Aussies. (Rocky)