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Vampirblut – A Clash Of Steel And Flame [Demo / Single]

vampirblut – a clash of steel and flame [demo / single]


American one-man Black Metal act Vampirblut releases one demo and single/EP after another with dizzying speed. So many that even Metal-Archives is struggling to give a complete picture, various demos are circulating on Bandcamp and YouTube that cannot (yet) be found on the Encyclopaedia Metallum. If I am correct, the latest work seems to be this single (or demo). ‘A Clash Of Steel And Flame’ is a single track that clocks almost at the 9-minute mark.

Now I have to say that I have by no means listened to all of Vampirblut’s material, but from what I have heard, this single charms me by far the most. Although Ray Xul, the man behind Vampirblut, is assisted here for the orchestrations by someone who goes by the name of Kammenträger, Vampirblut shows by far its best compositional side on ‘A Clash Of Steel And Flame’. The music that they bring to our ears here is a slow and lingering Black Metal epic laced with exciting Dungeon Synth and epic orchestrations. The warm brass horns match the equally warm sound and the intriguing lead guitar work propels the song to a stunning apotheosis in the second half of the track. This track breathes the soul of (early) Summoning and the heroic epic of Graveland and allows both to come together brilliantly to a staggering grandeur. In this little piece of art, the Raw yet somewhat subtle Black Metal forms the ‘steel’ and the ambient atmosphere provides the ‘flame’, however, it does not come to a violent ‘clash’. On the contrary, both elements melt together so well and naturally that it is actually hardly inferior to the grand masters of the genre. Ray Xul dedicates this song to the fallen ancestral heroes. I am sure that these will feel honoured. Impressive!


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