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Abject Mentor – Abominaciones

abject mentor – abominaciones


From the ancient city of Aguascalientes, once founded by the first Spanish families to settle on the even much older Chichimeca Indian territories, comes this Death Metal band who present us with their debut album with ‘Abominaciones’. It needs little language skills or imagination to imagine what the album’s title stands for, which is exactly what we get: Death Metal that is brimming with horrors and abominations.

Sometimes it takes very little for an album to be enjoyable. Abject Mentor is not bringing anything new to the Death Metal table, but the way they execute it is just solid. The Old School Death Metal has enough variety in pace to prevent it to get all too much of a mid-tempo snoozer and the riffs are nice and crunchy. They even do add an occasional guitar lead for good measure. Nope, not quite uplifting or genre (re-)defining, but just decent Death Metal from the simpler kind, no technical riffs or other music wizardry, just plain and simple Death Metal the way it once started back in the mid 80’s. You just have to love the blast beats like in the start of ‘Abject Mentor’ and those aggressive, barking vocals do sound like as if singer Tony Diaz is possessed by the devil himself. Finally, the production, which is fairly modern and crisp in sound and brings out the different instruments well. It can also welcome fans of somewhat newer Death Metal to the world of Abject Mentor without excluding the Old School fans. If that was intentional, it is definitely a smart move.

Sometimes it takes only a words to pin down a release, ‘Abominaciones’ is one of those. It will not change the world or the Death Metal genre, but then again, I am quite sure this was in no way the intention of Abject Mentor, this album sounds like the guys were having lots of fun composing and recording it. Definitely an enjoyable debut album from this Mexican foursome.

Abject Mentor

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