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Moonlight Sword – Elfenwinter [Demo]

moonlight sword – elfenwinter [demo]


From Greensboro, North Carolina, comes Moonlight Sword, a one-man Black Metal act. Or rather, a one-woman Black Metal act. The lady in question, who calls herself Carmilla II Dracul, has several other (Black Metal) bands/projects besides Moonlight Sword, among them we find Winter Lantern and Bloodbells Chime. In fact, Moonlight Sword is presented as a side-project of Winter Lantern.

By the way, Carmilla herself prefers to call her lineage ‘North Carolina Satanic Vampire Coven’, which, together with the name of this project and the title of this first demo, gives a nice impression of what to expect musically. Like many contemporaries, Carmilla draws inspiration from various fantasy themes and vampirism. This not infrequently culminates in equally imaginative Black Metal. Black Metal with a lot of creative use of melody and Dungeon Synth. This is also the case on ‘Elfenwinter’, the Raw Black Metal features all kinds of fantasy elements. These mainly come in the form of fairly dominant synths, with one part providing dreamy background buzzing and the other the lead melody. That lead melody can be in the form of keyboard sounds or more piano-like. In this way, there is plenty of experimentation with the sound and the whole thing takes on a pretty fresh character. The digital drums sound a bit mechanical, especially in the double-kicks and toms, which is not necessarily something that bothered me and in a way it fits the style reasonably well, but that might be a point to pay some extra attention to in future work. A strong point is Carmilla’s vocal work, her screech is deeply tucked away in the dense sound and gives a haunting character to the music. Another point worth mentioning are the guitar leads and solos, which make Moonlight Sword stand out a bit more above many other bands in the same genre. As far as I am concerned, ‘Elfenwinter’ is a successful first demo and we can look forward to more of Carmilla’s work.


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