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Surun Syvyys – Solitude And Snow [EP]

surun syvyys – solitude and snow [ep]


An engaging and thoughtful debut EP from a new Finnish Melodic Black Metal one man band by the name of Surun Syvyys. This is the brainchild of Finnish teenager Oskari Lindblom who writes and performs music at a level much higher than his youth would suggest. A three track affair entitled ‘Solitude And Snow’, Oskari gets things under way with a short prologue made up from the sounds of sweeping gusts of Arctic winds, long drawn out Dark Ambient tones and sombre piano keys. A haunting and mournful opening that leads into ‘I’, a song which opens the EP up into a mid paced flow of brittle, ice laden riffs with a subtle synth undertone, as well as a simple yet effective drumming style, and again the use of piano tones to add an extra level of cold melody to the overall rhythm. The vocals are sparse on this EP as more time is given over to the instrumental side of things, but what vocals there are tend to be shrieked and highly anguished, a fact backed up by the short lyrics that whilst simply rendered, speak honestly of a deep feeling of depression and of feeling trapped inside his own mind.

The EP closes with the mournful tones of ‘II’, another heartfelt track of bleak splendour, memories clung to and an unending pain deep inside. There is a more Dark Ambient presence within the fabric of this track but the overall sound is still one of slow, grinding Black Metal from the abrasive riffs that give way to tremolo picking that offers a note of forlorn hope. A really enjoyable and listening opening EP. I really hope to hear more from Oskari Lindblom and Surun Syvyys.

Surun Syvyys

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