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Snøgg – Chhinnamasta

snøgg – chhinnamasta

The Slovenian Duo Snøgg spread their „freeride Black Metal“ as they call it since 2013. After a demo and three EPs, “Chhinnamasta” is their fifth and first full-length release and this album is named after a Hindu goddess who cut her head off to control her endless lust. The artwork on the cover shows the nude goddess but as to be expected Søgg do not tell the original stories about “Chhinnamasta”. They just tell their own visions of her with the focus on a never-ending life circle that try to lead us on the wrong path causing a miserable eternity.

Snøgg present us 5 tracks of unconventional Black Metal with a total length of 42 minutes full of experiments which leads to many surprises. It’s very refreshing to hear such great ideas with well-placed turns and soundscapes. To be honest the vocals are the only thing that is really Black Metal. For a traditional Black Metal album there are too many riffs in the songs, but jokes aside…I can totally recommend this album to everybody who loves experimental music, it doesn‘t matter which genre you prefer. The whole album creates a complete own world in the head of every listener, an experience that I usually only have when I’m listening to Björk or Godspeed Your Black Emperor.

Put your earphones in, close your eyes and take a journey to Snøgg´s world of Chhinnamasta. (HaCeBo)