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Graveyard – Into the Mausoleum [Demo]

graveyard – into the mausoleum [demo]

Long have we suffered the new (Nu) Gothenburg “Death” Metalbands and too long have we endured the metalcore hype. But we won’t suffer no more. Death metal isn’t about synthesizers or clean vocals. It isn’t about a smooth sound, or hiphop influences. It’s all about the stench of death, rotting corpses coming back to live or rolling tanks over battlefields. When the Old Gods (like Merciless, Asphyx, and lately Treblinka) come back from the grave, why wouldn’t we welcome some new bands as well?

Graveyard, ladies & gentlemen (dead or alive) is hailing from Barcelona, Spain and gives us a huge kick in the nuts. Their filthy, raw old school death metal is exactly what we need these days. Uncompromising sound, lot’s of uuaarhg’s and riffs that could have been written in ’89. This band is here to teach the young generation how it needs to be done, and hell, they do it right! Check it out, order their demo/tape or LP and bang you’re head to oblivion! (GuustVDV)